TRUE Catalyst 9 Ice Hockey Skates Review

If you’re considering a pair of TRUE Catalyst 9 skates, you’re undoubtedly aware that anything from TRUE guarantees exceptional comfort and top-level performance benefits on the ice.

The question is, does TRUE’s latest elite offering justify the price tag? In this review, we’ll delve into the TRUE Catalyst 9 in detail – covering the key features of the skates and how they actually perform on the ice.

Our Test Skates

The TRUE Catalyst 9 ice hockey skates we received to test are a size 9. Our test skates weighed in at 915 grams, making them an especially light skate, thanks largely to the lightweight composite one-piece shell that we’ll talk about in more depth later.

The Catalyst 9 features a sleek black design with the TRUE logo prominently displayed on the side. It’s fair to say that TRUE opts for a more minimalist design for their elite skates, focusing more on performance than flashy aesthetics.

First Impressions

The TRUE Catalyst 9 skates are designed for players who skate at least four or five times per week, or any player looking for excellent comfort and top-level performance benefits.

After a quick session on the ice, it was clear these were a skate designed with agility and precision at the heart of their design.

The energy transfer felt exceptional, which is the kind of thing that really makes a difference when an elite-level skater is giving it their all through 60 minutes.

It’s also clear that a lot of effort has gone into creating a liner that combines with the one-piece shell design to keep you comfortable throughout a game.

The Clarino Hydrofoam liner helps eliminate moisture and secures your foot in the boot, preventing sliding and increasing energy transfer.

Technical Features

  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Weight: 915g
  • Heat Mouldable: Yes
  • Quarter Package: Composite One-Piece Shell
  • Ankle Padding: Orthotic-grade performance foam
  • Tendon Guard: Replaceable flex tendon guard
  • Lining: Clarino Hydrofoam Liner
  • Footbed: Adjustable PFS
  • Outsole: N/A
  • Tongue: True Pro tongue with multi-density foam
  • Blade Holder: Shift Max
  • Runner: Shift Max
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Family: Catalyst

One-Piece Composite Shell

TRUE’s one-piece composite shell is built with ultimate skating performance in mind. While it certainly helps to keep the skates light, the molded fit also provides a more direct energy transfer, preserving your energy so you can perform to your maximum through a full game.

Adjustable Pro Tongue and Replaceable Tendon Guard

A unique feature found in the TRUE Catalyst 9 skates is the adjustable Pro tongue and the replaceable tendon guard that is attached at the back of the skate with a single rivet.

This allows the tongue to fit to your comfort preference and the tendon guard to have a lot of give, allowing you a greater range of motion.

Clarino Hydrofoam Liner

For comfort and protection, the TRUE Catalyst 9 features superior moldability, giving you a personalized fit and a super-lightweight boot.

The Clarino Hydrofoam liner helps eliminate moisture and secures your foot in the boot, preventing sliding and increasing energy transfer.

Shift Max Holder and Runner

The Catalyst 9 features a new Shift Max holder with improved durability and bench change technology. Attached to the holder is the Shift Max high-grade stainless steel for optimal edge retention and a better bite.

TRUE Catalyst 9 – Final Thoughts

The TRUE Catalyst 9 skates are a fantastic blend of new technologies and trusted features. They offer a great combination of comfort, agility, and precision, making them an excellent choice for any player looking for an elite level skate.

The other huge advantage is that they’re less costly than many equivalent elite skates from other brands too – so you get superior performance with some cash to spare.

If you’re the kind of player that’s obsessed with pushing to the next level, the TRUE Catalyst 9 is going to be an extremely worthwhile investment.